Staunton & Henry

October 5 2018


MICHELLE MEYERS is honored to be featured in STAUNTON & henry’s website

Stuanton & Henry featured 25 interior designers to discuss decorating with repurposed furniture. Michelle stated:

“Don’t be afraid to repurpose items from one room of your home to another. 

In order to achieve an instantaneous update in a family room or living room, incorporate new accent pillows to a preexisting couch. A new area rug can help anchor preexisting furniture pieces. For wooden furniture pieces that have good lines, but a dated or unappealing finish, update them with paint.

Find inspiration from a website or catalog of a furniture manufacturer that you love and use this to help dictate paint color. Remove dated artwork, accessories, and clutter. Try to repurpose frames with a coat of spray paint, and the addition of new prints that can be obtained easily and inexpensively from online sites like Etsy.

Decorative accents, accent tables can often get a new fresh look with a coat of spray paint too. I often see outdated kitchens or dining room tables that have matching chairs that are dated and heavy looking. If resources are tight, I encourage clients to keep their preexisting table and swap out the chairs for new inexpensive chairs the will provide an instantaneous update. 

If you have a matchy-matchy outdated 4 – 5-piece bedroom suite, with a matching wooden bedframe, dressers, and end tables, try swapping out the bed for an inexpensive upholstered headboard.

New bedding and accent pillows, lamps, curtains, and area rug can have such an impact in a bedroom and instantly create a clean and updated look. If the dresser has an attached mirror, remove the preexisting mirror and hang a mirror above that is made of a different material.

For example, is the dresser is a dark wood finish, hang a rounded brushed nickel mirror above. If the bedroom furnishings have an unappealing and dated finish or color, don’t be afraid to paint these items!! There are so many online tutorials on sites like Pinterest and YouTube that will give you step by step instructions to walk you through this process.”
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